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Autosock - Cars

The AutoSock is a newly developed tyre cover, aimed at increasing tyre-to-road friction when driving cars on icy or snowy roads:
- Perfect temporary winter aid for vehicles.
- Easy to mount and dismount even in cold and difficult weather.
- Comfortable while driving – maximum speed 50 km/h.
- Does not cause noise or vibrations.
- Lightweight and easy to store.
- Self-centering.
- Reusable and machine washable.
- Environmental and recyclable.
- No damage to alloy wheels.
- Approved by TÜV and GS.
- Fits almost all passenger cars.
- Approved by leading car manufactures.
- Works on all vehicles with low clearance between the tyre and the body, as well as with all electronic safety systems (ESP, ABS). - Internet Partner