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The range of DGA® wind deflectors covers over 800 models of cars, suvs, microcars and vans. All wind deflectors are manufactured in Europe to exacting standards and products with smoke grey plastic from the world’s leading plastic manufacturers.
Such attention to detail means you can be sure that each deflector is made to the same consistent and high standard.

  • The air is fresh air, not potentially unhealthy air-conditioned air.
  • Stay dry and allow air into the car.
  • Smokers no longer need to get wet when driving in the rain.
  • Prevent misting of side windows.
  • Windows can be left open when parked to allow fresh air for pets.
  • Cut condensation in the winter.
  • Reduces side glare from the sun.
  • Improve the styling of many vehicles
  • Can be fitted in few minutes without tools and specialist knowledge.
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