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Truckstar 24V

At night, truck drivers need the best possible light on the road ahead. OSRAM TRUCKSTAR® is far ahead of conventional 24V lamps, allowing drivers to concentrate on the essential. With its extremely long life and robust construction, it also saves on replacements, downtime and fleet costs.

Twice as bright, more than twice as long.
Compared with conventional 24V lamps, OSRAM TRUCKSTAR® has a distinct advantage thanks to its patented single-coil technology. This technology results in up to 100 % more light on the road 1), making it much easier for truck drivers to concentrate – a massive benefit in terms of road safety. The uniform and up to 40 m longer 1) light beam enables dangers to be seen much sooner and gives drivers valuable extra time in which to react. OSRAM TRUCKSTAR® is capable of withstanding strong vibrations, which saves time and money thanks to more than double the life 1).

Robust power packs for enhanced safety.
• Up to 100 % more light on the road 1) thanks to patented single-coil technology (SC)
• More than twice the life of conventional 24V lamps
• Greater safety thanks to better illumination of the road
• Lower costs thanks to reduced failure rates as a result of improved vibration resistance
• Cost/benefi t calculator on the OSRAM homepage,
• For drivers looking for heavy-duty/longlife lamps

1) Compared with standard lamps (depending on the headlight system). - Internet Partner