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Opti Case, hard case for smartphone - iPhone XR

Art. 90422

Opti Case, hard case for smartphone - iPhone XR

New modular phone holder system with DUO-LOCK fixing

The OPTI-LINE consists of:

  • specific and universal cases.
  • various types of fixings

All the cases are waterproof, ultra-resistant and allow the use of touch screen. The custom fit cases enable also the use of the rear camera.

The modular system allows the use of the same case on more motorcycles, just by buying an additional fixing and not the whole set. At the same time, in case of another phone, you can simply buy another case without changing all the fixings.

  • Doesn’t obstruct the side buttons function.
  • Rear camera may be used
  • Waterproof with recharge cable entry hole.
  • Inner silicon antiscratch mat.
  • Front transparent screen protector which doesn’t affect the touch functions.
  • Safety strap included.
  • Specific for OPTI- fixings by Lampa

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Packaging details
Height mm210
Width mm105
Depth mm30
Weight kg0,2
Packing details
Volume m30,0012
Weight kg14,1