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Kuma, aluminium roof bars, 2 pcs - S - 112 cm

Art. N15002

Kuma, aluminium roof bars, 2 pcs - S - 112 cm

4 variants:

For vehicles equipped with standard roof rails

  • Anodized aluminium alloy bar equipped with T-track slot.
  • T-track cover made of EPDM rubber.
  • Lower track for the sliding of the fitting brackets supplied with rubber profile for sealing after installation.
  • Fitting brackets adjustable in width and height to guarantee maximum adaptability to most original roof rails.
  • Contact pads made of soft TPE to prevent scratches to the rails and to guarantee a good grip on rails.
  • Easy to install

Max distance between railings: max 105 cm

Dimension: max 100 kg
Approval: GS-TÜV
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Technical data and compatibility
BrandModelYearRoof typeRoof height
ChevroletLacetti sw01/05>12/09standard railing
ChevroletMatiz01/05>04/05standard railing
ChevroletMatiz05/05>01/10standard railing
ChevroletNubira sw01/05>12/09standard railing
ChevroletTacuma 5p09/00>12/09standard railing
DaciaLogan Furgovan02/07>09/13standard railing
DaciaLogan MCV Stepway05/17>standard railing
DaihatsuFeroza01/87>12/98standard railing
FiatMarea Weekend09/96>12/03standard railing
FiatPalio01/96>12/07standard railing
FiatStrada03/99>standard railing
FiatTempra sw03/90>08/97standard railing
FiatUno01/83>08/00standard railing
FordFocus Wagon02/99>09/01standard railing
FordFocus Wagon10/01>01/05standard railing
FordMondeo sw10/96>12/00standard railing
Great WallVoleex C20R03/13>12/14standard railing
HyundaiGetz 3p07/02>09/05standard railing
HyundaiGetz 3p10/05>01/09standard railing
HyundaiGetz 5p07/02>09/05standard railing
HyundaiGetz 5p10/05>01/09standard railing
HyundaiH110/97>01/08standard railingShort wheelbase
HyundaiH110/97>01/08standard railingLong wheelbase
Hyundaii30 CW04/08>08/12standard railing
HyundaiMatrix11/01>10/10standard railing
KiaCarens07/02>11/06standard railing
KiaCarens12/06>04/13standard railing
Land RoverFreelander 5p10/97>11/06standard railing
MazdaTribute09/01>04/06standard railing
MiniClubman (R55)11/07>08/10standard railing
MiniClubman (R55)09/10>06/15standard railing
MitsubishiPajero Sport07/08>12/12standard railing
MitsubishiSpace Wagon07/98>01/04standard railing
NissanKubistar08/03>12/09standard railing
OpelKarl Rocks03/17>12/19standard railing
Peugeot306 sw03/93>05/01standard railing
Peugeot406 sw04/99>02/05standard railing
PeugeotPartner Tepee05/96>12/02standard railing
PeugeotRanch 5p05/96>03/08standard railing
RenaultKangoo08/97>01/08standard railing
RenaultKangoo 5p01/97>03/03standard railing
RenaultKangoo 5p04/03>01/08standard railing
Rover / MG75 Tourer sw01/01>05/05standard railing
Rover / MGZT01/01>05/05standard railing
SkodaFabia Wagon01/01>12/07standard railing
SubaruImpreza Station Wagon12/00>09/07standard railing
SuzukiIgnis01/17>03/20standard railing
SuzukiIgnis04/20>standard railing
SuzukiWagon R+01/98>09/03standard railing
ToyotaAvensis Verso05/01>12/08standard railing
ToyotaCorolla sw01/02>12/07standard railing
VolkswagenBora Variant06/00>02/06standard railing
VolkswagenPassat Variant01/11>10/14standard railing
VolkswagenPolo 5p11/01>08/09standard railing
VolkswagenPolo 5p09/09>04/14standard railing
VolkswagenPolo 5p05/14>09/17standard railing

Packaging details
Height mm1,175
Width mm100
Depth mm55
Weight kg2,89
Packing details