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Complete all-in-one roof racks - 410 - Snap Steel L

Art. NK410SSL

Complete all-in-one roof racks - 410 - Snap Steel L

17 variants:

Consisting of: Pair of roof bars Snap Steel (N15016), Fitting kits (N21410)

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Technical data and compatibility
BrandModelYearRoof typeExtra Roof
AudiA3 Sportback09/04>06/08flush railing
AudiA3 Sportback07/08>10/12flush railing
AudiA3 Sportback11/12>07/16flush railing
AudiA3 Sportback08/16>flush railing
AudiA4 Avant05/08>01/12flush railingalso with sunroof
AudiA4 Avant02/12>10/15flush railingalso with sunroof
AudiA4 Avant11/15>07/19flush railing
AudiA4 Avant08/19>flush railing
AudiA6 Avant09/11>10/14flush railing
AudiA6 Avant11/14>03/16flush railing
AudiA6 Avant04/16>07/18flush railing
AudiQ310/11>01/15flush railing
AudiQ302/15>12/18flush railing
AudiQ511/08>08/12flush railing
AudiQ509/12>02/17flush railing
AudiQ503/17>flush railing
AudiQ703/06>06/09flush railing
AudiQ707/09>05/15flush railing
BmwSerie 5 Touring (G31)04/17>flush railing
FordEdge07/16>08/18flush railing
FordEdge09/18>flush railing
MitsubishiOutlander10/12>09/15flush railing
MitsubishiOutlander10/15>flush railing
VolvoXC9007/15>flush railing

Packaging details
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