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Premium Top, wiper blade - 35 cm (14") - 1 pcs

Art. 19198

Premium Top, wiper blade - 35 cm (14") - 1 pcs

13 variants:

Multi-Fitting system, up to 9 adapters:

1 universal adapter, to fit on all cars equipped with traditional wiper blades

8 special adapters B+C+D+F+G+H+L+M to fit on cars originally equipped with frameless wipers

  • Advanced aerodynamic design
  • Efficient and smooth wiping performance in any condition
  • Steel frame with epoxy powder coating
  • Special rubber blade to minimize friction

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Technical data and compatibility
BrandModelYearFront fixingDriver meas.Passenger meas.Rear meas.Rear WiperRear Refill
Abarth50007/08>05/16H60 MF35 MF
Abarth500C06/10>05/16H60 MF35 MF
Abarth59506/16>H60 MF35 MF
Abarth695 Biposto12/14>05/16H60 MF35 MF
Abarth695 Biposto06/16>H60 MF35 MF
ChevroletTrax03/13>09/15D65 MF35 MF
Fiat50007/07>06/15H60 MF35 MF31 PMSP300R291
Fiat50007/15>06/19H60 MF35 MF31 PMSP300R291
Fiat50007/19>H60 MF35 MF31 PMSP300R291
Fiat500C07/09>06/15H60 MF35 MF
Fiat500C07/15>06/19H60 MF35 MF
Fiat500C07/19>H60 MF35 MF
Fiat500X02/15>08/18H65 MF35 MFR291
Fiat500X09/18>H65 MF35 MFR291
FordKa01/09>09/16H60 MF35 MF31 PMSP300R291
FordKa+10/16>08/18H60 MF35 MF
FordKa+09/18>09/19H60 MF35 MF
Hyundaiix2011/10>07/15H65 MF35 MF
Hyundaiix2008/15>H65 MF35 MF
KiaPicanto 5p06/17>60 MF35 MF
KiaVenga02/10>12/14H65 MF35 MF31 PMSP311R291
KiaVenga01/15>11/19H65 MF35 MF31 PMSP311R291
NissanMicra03/17>65 MF35 MF
NissanPulsar10/14>12/18H65 MF35 MF
OpelMokka11/12>03/16D65 MF35 MF
OpelMokka X04/16>12/19D65 MF35 MF
RenaultCaptur05/13>02/16F65 MF35 MF29
RenaultCaptur03/16>05/17N65 MF35 MF29
RenaultCaptur06/17>11/19N65 MF35 MF29
RenaultClio IV 5p10/12>08/16F65 MF35 MF
RenaultClio IV 5p09/16>07/19F65 MF35 MF
RenaultClio IV Generation08/19>03/20F65 MF35 MF
RenaultClio IV Sporter04/13>08/16F65 MF35 MF
RenaultClio IV Sporter09/16>03/20F65 MF35 MF
RenaultTwingo09/14>06/19F51 MF35 MFR331
RenaultTwingo07/19>F51 MF35 MFR331
RenaultTwingo Open Air09/14>06/19F51 MF35 MF
SmartForfour11/14>10/19F51 MF35 MF
SmartForfour11/19>F51 MF35 MF
SmartFortwo11/14>10/19F51 MF35 MF
SmartFortwo11/19>F51 MF35 MF
SmartFortwo Cabrio03/16>F51 MF35 MF
SmartFortwo elettrica12/16>F51 MF35 MF
ToyotaCorolla 5p03/19>70 MF35 MF
ToyotaCorolla Touring Sports03/19>70 MF35 MF

Packaging details
PackagingScatola Plast.
Pieces per pack1
Height mm510
Width mm55
Depth mm25
Weight kg0,24
Packing details
Volume m30,0011
Weight kg13,8