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Why choose Lampa?

Here are the key points of our business proposal

For Products

  • Over 20,000 references to cover the entire automotive sector: cars, trucks, motorcycles, cycle, roof-racks, DIY, telephony and leisure
  • Continuous product renewal, to best meet the requests of an increasingly demanding and constantly evolving market
  • Quality guaranteed by the most important international approvals
  • The packaging is always rich in information, modern, nice and appealing
  • UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 certificate which, since 1997, guarantees uncompromising quality research, both in terms of product and processes
  • A modern e-commerce system that allows all customers to conveniently manage their orders in total autonomy and to check the availability of the items in real time

For post-sales assistance

  • A sales support network made up of qualified experts, ready to make their skills and experience available, to assist shop-managers in setting up the ideal product layout and periodically taking care of restocking
  • Continuous customers support, with a technical office formed by highly qualified and motivated professionals, constantly available
  • A marketing department that periodically proposes advantageous promotional campaigns and works to promote the brand image with dedication, also using innovative tools such as Social Networks
  • 60 years of experience of a leading company in this field, an example of entrepreneurial seriousness, reliability, intuition and technological innovation, are a guarantee of maximum reliability.

For distribution

  • 6 branches strategically located throughout the national territory connected in real time with the head office to form a punctual, reactive and capillary network, unique in this field
  • Advanced computerized order management system, in perfect synergy with the brand-new centralized warehouse, able to manage the storage and logistic flow of over 50,000 pallets and 40,000 crates, a real jewel of technology and automation
  • Dedicated export department, which allows us to take on the challenges of world markets as leaders
  • Great efficiency in every phase of the process, which guarantees strong savings to the entire supply chain