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- A story to tell -

The roots of our future are proudly ingrained in the past

When we tell the story of Lampa, our story, we tell about a great Italian success. Lampa was created in the distant 60s in Viadana (MN), in the middle of the Po Valley, a land that has always been the cradle of ideas, tenacity and professionalism. It was from these values that Aldo Marutti drew strength to start his business: a far-sighted example of entrepreneurial spirit.

Over time, many things change, get transformed or are being modified

. Lampa was no exception, promoting a constant evolution from the first years of his life. This led first to develop its own sales network on the Italian territory and then to appear with determination on the European and world market.

However, the real development began in the 1980s, with the transformation into a S.p.A. (Joint-Stock Company), the establishment of regional warehouses and with the entry of the second generation of the Marutti family into the company. The 2000s then gave way to an important cycle of investments, still in progress, which led to the creation of the new headquarters and the new logistics centre, a true concentration of technology and efficiency.

In this framework of constant and unstoppable development, with the third generation of the Marutti family now firmly integrated within the company framework, we can proudly state that we never lost sight of those guiding values that have accompanied us in the early years of our history and, equally important, that we managed to keep alive the initial goal over time: creating a company capable of merging style, innovation and research with a mix of entrepreneurship and familiarity, of professional ethics and attention to detail, managing to make Lampa

a perfect organism and a unique and reliable business partner.

Lampa Spa