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- Accessories for passion -

Accessories for passion

Over the years, we have joined many products to the original core of car accessories: products for bicycles, motorcycles, trucks, roof-racks and, more recently, DIY, telephony and free time. An unrivalled range development, with over 20,000 references that have contributed to making Lampa a reference point of primary importance at national and international level.

What is the engine that can push a small business to become an Italian leader in the distribution of automotive accessories?
What is the secret of such a perfect, professional, punctual and reliable mechanism, whose individual components are linked to each other to give each customer the right product at the right time?
What lies behind a unique and constantly updated catalogue, unparalleled for its completeness, which offers approved and certified quality products, with an appealing design?

It is the passion that allows us even today, after so long, to carry out with the same strength and the same conviction the mission that has been entrusted to us: to put our energies constantly at your service, to offer you the best products from Italy and from the world.

It is the passion that drives us to a constant improvement process, because being the numbers one is not a point of arrival but only an intermediate stage of the journey that leads to your trust. The same passion animates every aspect of corporate life and pervades the men and women who work and collaborate with us.

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