SnowDrive, pair of snow socks for cars - SD54
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SnowDrive, pair of snow socks for cars - SD54

Art. 17140

SnowDrive, pair of snow socks for cars - SD54

6 variants:
  • Approved by EN16662-1:2020.
  • Perfect temporary winter aid for vehicles.
  • Easy to mount and dismount even in cold and difficult weather.
  • Works on all vehicles with low clearance between the tyre and the body, as well as with all electronic safety systems (ABS, ESP, ETS, ASR, DSC,...).
  • Comfortable while driving, does not cause noise or vibrations (maximum speed 50 km/h).
  • Self-centering, no damage to alloy wheels.
  • Lightweight and easy to store, reusable and machine washable.

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Packaging details
PackagingBusta C/Maniglia
Height mm390
Width mm220
Depth mm90
Weight kg0,735
Packing details