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12V Cool Blue Intense - H4 - 60/55W - P43t - 2 pcs  - Box

Art. OA64193CBIDUO

12V Cool Blue Intense - H4 - 60/55W - P43t - 2 pcs - Box

OSRAM COOL BLUE® INTENSE provides stylish and powerful light on the road. Its bright bluish-white light is almost in the same league as the light from attractive xenon lamps.

Cool light, strong effect.

COOL BLUE® INTENSE produces high-contrast light similar to natural daylight and is therefore easier on the eyes than the light from conventional headlights. The bluish-white light has a color temperature of up to 4,200 K, making it an attractive lamp and putting many other “blue” lamps firmly in the shade. COOL BLUE® INTENSE lamps have an eye-catching design, perfect for style-conscious drivers. Behind the clear glass, the silver cap blends perfectly with the reflector.

Features at a glance.

  • Modern, bright bluish-white light (up to 4,200 K, similar to light from xenon lamps)
  • Up to 20 % brighter than standard lamps (subjective impression)
  • High-contrast illumination of the road
  • Optimized design with a silver cap (on some models), ideal for clear-glass headlights
  • Available for all front lighting functions
  • For the design-conscious driver

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Additional data
Color temperature4.200K

Packaging details
PackagingScatola Plast.
Pieces per pack2
Package height mm110
Package width mm110
Package depth mm45
Weight kg0,128
Packing details