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Xenarc Original

Arc technology produces an extremely bright arc of light from an electronically controlled gas discharge. This produces twice as much light as the filament in a halogen lamp. Good illumination of the road ahead is one of the factors that contribute to driver comfort, so even long journeys through the night are more relaxed than ever before. A color temperature similar to that of natural daylight also helps keep drivers relaxed.
With an average life of up to 3,000 hours, XENARC® lamps generally outlast the average automobile. In such cases, there are no costs for maintenance or replacement.

Better visibility, greater safety.
  • Very bright arc produced by an electronically controlled gas discharge
  • Up to 100 % more light than halogen lamps
  • At 4,150 K, it has a color temperature closer to natural daylight than conventional halogen light (3,200 K) and is therefore easier on the eyes
  • Better illumination of the road reduces the risk of accidents
  • CO2 reduction: xenon saves 50 % energy (corresponding to 1 g CO2/km) compared to standard halogen lamps
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