Accessories that make the difference


  • Totally hand-made, tailor cutting using CAD/CAM with uncommon care in details to ensure a "Perfect-Fit" onto car seats.
  • Carefully cut and sewn to follow the shapes of the original seats, this set covers the seats completely.
  • When installed they look as original seat, not seat covers.
  • Hi-tech polyester fabric, certified Oeko-Tex© Standard 100, with very high resistance to wear and tear, to peeling, fading, washing (meet standards UNI EN ISO 105X12, 105-E01, 13934-1, FIAT 50455/A /01)
  • Thick and strong 8 mm foam, paired with protection mesh.
  • Sides and backs are made of thick polyester stretch also paired with 4 mm sponge and mesh.
  • Cuts and sewing follow original seats.
  • With rear pockets on front backrests.
  • Complete with openings for head rests,
  • air bags and head-rest covers, arm covers, etc. in accordance with the characteristics of the car.
  • Made in Europe using Italian fabrics.
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