Accessories that make the difference

Night Racer Plus / X-Racer 12V

See and be seen: life assurance for motorcyclists. With the NIGHT RACER® and X-RACER® high-performance lamps, OSRAM is taking freedom on two wheels to new levels – for both relaxed cruising and more sporty riding. Quality in duplicate: one lamp for instant replacement, one lamp as a spare on the move.

The best there is – perfect for perfectionists.
No-compromise riders who want only the best should look no further than OSRAM NIGHT RACER®. There is not a more effective and reliable halogen light for bikes. Any further questions?
• Up to 90 % more light on the road 1) for excellent visibility, more time to react and maximum safety
• Up to 35 m longer beam of light 1)
• Easier on the eyes with up to 10 % whiter light 1) for comfortable, fatigue-free driving
• Approved for use throughout Europe

The xenon look – making a bold statement.
If you want good visibility and good looks, then choose OSRAM X-RACER®. Its cool blue light is very much in fashion and will turn heads wherever you go. It is also easy on the eyes.
• Modern, bright bluish-white light (up to 4,000 K, similar to the color temperature of xenon lamps)
• Up to 20 % brighter 1) (subjective impression)
• Brighter and therefore more comfortable for the driver
• Approved for use throughout Europe

1) Compared with standard lamps. - Internet Partner