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Ultra Life 12V

ULTRA LIFE lamps last up to three times longer than conventional automotive lamps. For ULTRA LIFE headlight lamps that are not in commercial use, OSRAM is the first manufacturer to offer a three-year guarantee (* for precise conditions, go to

OSRAM ULTRA LIFE – now with a 3-year guarantee.
So annoying: a headlight lamp suddenly fails in the middle of the night. A replacement lamp has to be found and installed quickly because driving with one headlight is a huge safety risk. Drivers who are often on the road at night or who do not want to go without the safety of low beam light during the day are well aware of this situation. Because they are in almost constant use, the headlights of these drivers fail more often than usual. Owners of vehicles with headlight lamps that are difficult to access also save themselves time and money with the new ULTRA LIFE lamps. And the environment also benefi ts as fewer replacements means less waste.

Ultra variety for any automobile.
• The first automotive brand lamp to have a 3-year guarantee
• Lasts up to three times longer than a conventional automotive lamp
• Unique reliability
• Suitable for all vehicle types
• Modern design with a silver cap (on some models), ideal for clear-glass headlights
• Approved for use throughout Europe - Internet Partner