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Original Line 24V - Auxiliary

The materials used in the construction of trucks are often pushed to the very limits. Truck drivers therefore have to rely totally on the quality of the various components. The reliable performance of OSRAM ORIGINAL LINE 24V lamps is the fi rst choice for truckers.

Safe and reliable.
Customers throughout the world place their trust in the performance of OSRAM ORIGINAL LINE 24V lamps, as they combine absolutely reliable quality with a fair price. The performance of inferior-quality lamps decreases over time, jeopardizing the safety of the driver, possibly without the driver being aware of this. OSRAM ORIGINAL LINE 24V lamps continue to provide safe light throughout their lives, making them a balanced and economical solution for all standard requirements in the 24V sector.

All-round quality.
• OEM quality
• Excellent price-to-performance ratio
• Successfully used in millions of new vehicles from renowned manufacturers
• Impressive brightness and reliability - Internet Partner