Accessories that make the difference

Silverstar 12V

Drivers can rely on OSRAM SILVERSTAR® lamps as powerful nighttime companions. When the sun goes down, light is a precious commodity – and SILVERSTAR® provides plenty of it.

Safety in the dark.
Long journeys at night call for full concentration on the part of the driver.
A lamp with better illumination of the road will make driving easier and raise awareness considerably. Vehicles equipped with OSRAM SILVERSTAR® therefore have a crucial advantage in terms of safety. Up to 50 % more light on the road at 50 to 75 m in front of the vehicle enables drivers to spot road signs, obstacles and other dangers sooner so they can react in good time.

SILVERSTAR® speaks for itself.
• Up to 50 % more light on the road 1) for greater safety
• Up to 20 m longer beam 1)
• Modern design with silver cap, ideal for all clear-glass headlights (on some models)
• For the performance-conscious driver

1) Compared with standard lamps. - Internet Partner