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Tailored rubber mats -  Audi A1 3p (09/10>10/18) -  Audi A1 Sportback (02/12>10/18)

Art. 24374

Tailored rubber mats - Audi A1 3p (09/10>10/18) - Audi A1 Sportback (02/12>10/18)

19 variants:

Specially designed for vehicles being used in severe conditions of wet, mud, dirt and snow. High-protection trim holds water, dirt, and mud preventing from spoiling interiors. High-quality long lasting rubber compound, meets european safety standards. Non-smell, with vanilla fragrance. Anti-slip underside, easy to clean

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Technical data and compatibility
AudiA1 3p09/10>01/15
AudiA1 3p02/15>10/18
AudiA1 Sportback02/12>01/15
AudiA1 Sportback02/15>10/18

Additional data
Nr. Pieces4

Packaging details
Height mm800
Width mm510
Depth mm30
Weight kg3,79
Packing details
Volume m30,0108
Weight kg20,3