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9-32V Halo Led Pro-Bike 2 - (H4) - 15W - P43t - 1 pcs  - Box

Art. 57749

9-32V Halo Led Pro-Bike 2 - (H4) - 15W - P43t - 1 pcs - Box

Super-brightness. Lumens exceed halogen bulbs, while light distribution match original bulbs. Easy installation with no modifications to the lamps. Special led chips of the latest generation. Extraordinary bright light, long life.

Cold technology, with no need of ventilation or additional heat sinks.

Long life (25.000 hours)

  • Internal ballast
  • Fanless heat dissipation

Product not approved for road use

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Additional data
Lumen2000 lm (1 pc)
Led9 Seoul CSP-Y19 Chips

Packaging details
Pieces per pack1
Height mm130
Width mm80
Depth mm60
Weight kg0,115
Packing details