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Compact spare wheel kit

Art. 76018

Compact spare wheel kit

18 variants:

Essential for all vehicles equipped only with tyre repair kit which is useless in case of torn tyres or deep cuts.

The compact spare wheel kit allows you to reach the nearest tyre shop without calling the road side assist ance, it can be re-used several times for short journeys and with a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

The small size allows you to store it in very little space and thanks to the practical bag it can be placed inside the vehicles without the spare wheel compartment , or in vehicles with the compartment occupied by the LPG.

The kit consists of a wheel already mounted on the rim and balanced (usually smaller in size than tires fitted to the car), a jack, a key to unscrew the bolts and a fabric bag

Kit contains:

  • 1 compact spare wheel with tyre already mounted.
  • 1 jack specific for the vehicle.
  • 1 key to unscrew bolts.
  • 1 fabric bag.

and for vehicles that need it:

  • 1 centering ring
  • 1 bolts kit

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Technical data and compatibility
BrandModelYear15" code16" code
MitsubishiSpace Star 5p04/13>03/167601076018
MitsubishiSpace Star 5p04/16>7601076018

Packaging details
Height mm650
Width mm650
Depth mm160
Weight kg15,5
Packing details
Volume m30,0676
Weight kg15,5