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Tailored TPE car mats set -  Hyundai Coupè (01/02>12/09)

Art. NV00210

Tailored TPE car mats set - Hyundai Coupè (01/02>12/09)

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Car mats are custom made to fit every kind of car. Made of modern, pure and ecological material to ensure maximum flexibility same as natural rubber.

This material weighs 60% less of natural rubber which makes them more manoeuvrable.

Their unique flexibility ensures a perfect adherence and a 100% coverage.

They can be easily cleaned by water or any other detergent. The special composition allows them to remain unaltered and soft even in severe weather condition (-50 °C) or under UV rays, no smell.

With fixpoints (cars with prearrangement)

Technical data and compatibility

Additional data
Num. pezzi4
Su Ord.

Packaging details
PackagingBusta + Cartoncino
Height mm800
Width mm580
Depth mm60
Weight kg4,02
Packing details
Volume m30,0218
Weight kg22,1