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12V LEDriving HL Easy - (H1) - 9W - P14,5s - 2 pcs  - Box


12V LEDriving HL Easy - (H1) - 9W - P14,5s - 2 pcs - Box

4 variants:

LED high and low beams lamps with plug & play system: no adapters and caps needed.

With its socket-based solution, the OSRAM LEDriving HL EASY retrofits provide an ultra-compact LED replacement of conventional H7/H18, H4/H19 and H15 high and low beam lamps with cool white LED light – providing a stylish look as well as superior brightness. It offers an easy plug & play installation with optimized compatibility: no adapters and caps needed! An optimized high-speed fan ensures active cooling – making a higher performance and high-level light output possible thanks to maximized heat dissipation.

The LEDriving HL EASY high and low beam lamps by OSRAM replace conventional halogen lamps, are 12V compatible and have a cool white color temperature. With the latest LED technology and very compact design, these lamps allow a high compatibility and an easy installation for cars with the respective halogen lamp types.

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Additional data
Color temperature6.500K
Lumen (hot)1100 lm

Packaging details
PackagingScatola Plast.
Pieces per pack2
Package height mm110
Package width mm100
Package depth mm45
Weight kg0,114
Packing details