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Ultra Glass Premium, flexible ultra thin tempered glass - Apple iPhone 6 / 6s

Art. P15100

Ultra Glass Premium, flexible ultra thin tempered glass - Apple iPhone 6 / 6s

4 variants:
  • High protection: an ultra thin tempered flexible glass to protect the display of your smartphone.
  • Tempered ultra-thin glass of 0,20 mm so thin that it looks nearly invisibile.
  • Blunted edges: the laser cut makes the edges slight at touch and not sharp.
  • Flexible: the special ultra thin glass has a higher resistance to impact.
  • High sensitivity: the ultra thin 0,20 mm glass ensures the same tactile sensation and sensitivity of the original display.
  • Totally transparent: it doesn't affect the appearance of the device or the brightness of the display.
  • Anti fingerprint: oil-repellent treatment to reduce fingerprints.
  • No bubbles: the glass rigidity prevents the creation of bubbles during the application

Application kit included:

Wet wipe - Dry wipe - Dust remover - Adhesive strips to adjust the position

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Packaging details
Package height mm185
Package width mm105
Package depth mm15
Weight kg0,038
Packing details