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Diesel/petrol fuel stabilizer - 200 ml

Art. TA127009

Diesel/petrol fuel stabilizer - 200 ml

  • Thanks to its formula that contains a special antioxidant, Bullock® Fuel Stabilizer controls fuel oxidation, and therefore also a drop in performance, preventing it from ageing and from rubber, lacquers and insoluble deposits from forming in tanks, carburettors and supply systems, even under high temperatures.
  • The products is ideal for Bi-Fuel (LPG and Methane) cars, and for all those vehicles that are not frequently used, such as motorcycles, gardening machines and boats, thus helping them start up again after a long standstill period.
  • Suitable for all petrol and diesel 4T engines and 2T engines.
  • It is a product that been specifically designed to prevent fuel deterioration, even when stored and unused for a long period in vehicle tanks or in cisterns

How to use it: 200 ml treat up to 60 litres of fuel. For Bi-Fuel cars, the product should be used every 3000 km, while for all other vehicles, pour the necessary amount into the tank before decommissioning the vehicle and turn over the engine for about 10 minutes. Your vehicles and equipment will thus be ready to work again even after a long period of not being used

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Packaging details
Package height mm230
Package width mm80
Package depth mm35
Weight kg0,25
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