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TB18, compressor cool-box - 12/24V - 18 L

Art. TB01218

TB18, compressor cool-box - 12/24V - 18 L

Compact design and excellent performance:

thanks to the new BD Micro compressor, the TB18 is compact outside and spacious inside like a thermoelectric fridge.

  • Energy savings:

the BD-Micro is a compressor with integrated control electronics which regulate the speed according to the temperature set on the thermostat and the inside of the refrigerator, consumption is thus reduced to a minimum.

  • High performance:

the cooler box is small and light like a thermoelectric fridge but extremely performing thanks to the compressor.

  • High quality:

the new cooler box is all injection made using high quality components.

  • Inimitable travel mate:

thanks to its low weight (only 9 Kg) and the adjustable shoulder strap the new compressor cooler box is particularly easy to carry and transport everywhere

For refrigeration or freezing.

Working temperature from +10 ° to -18 ° C.

Controlled by digital thermostat.

Can cool down and keep frozen every kind of food or drink.

Can compartment.

Not suitable for storing/containing bulk foodstuff.

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Packaging details
Height mm370
Width mm550
Depth mm250
Weight kg8,4
Packing details