JZ-2988Z - 1200W - Amplifier - 1 pcs
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JZ-2988Z - 1200W - Amplifier - 1 pcs

Art. 40476

JZ-2988Z - 1200W - Amplifier - 1 pcs

2 variants:

PWM-MOSFET amplifiers.

Thermo / Reverse-polarity / short / Overload protection. High current mosfet device. Pulse and width modulation unregulated power supplies. High capacity power transformer. High speed switching diodes. Full electronic on-board amplifier protection by advanced Schmidt trigger design. 35 nano seconds switching diodes. Blue force TM LED

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Additional data
Frequency5Hz - 70kHz
Max Power 2ohm1200W
Crossover Low Pass 24db oct50Hz - 250Hz
Input Impedance22k ohm

Packaging details
Height mm120
Width mm500
Depth mm300
Weight kg4,98
Packing details