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Osram AirZing™ Mini, air purifier

Art. OLEDAS101

Osram AirZing™ Mini, air purifier

OSRAM’s AirZing Mini is an innovative solution to help purify the air within vehicles. Using OSRAM's extensive knowledge around UV light the AirZing Mini draws in air and passes it over a Titanium Dioxide plate that combines with UV-A light to produce a photonic-catalytic reaction. This reaction removes harmful bacteria and viruses from the air. The purification process can also eliminate odors and bad smells leaving drivers with clean fresh air.The Titanium Dioxide plate can be taken out and washed and then replaced for low level maintenance and no need to continually buy and replace filters.Designed specifically for use within a vehicle the AirZing Mini comes with magnetic vent clips for flexible mounting positions. The USB-C supplied power cable power supply secure fitment whilst driving.

Dimensions: 80x80x50 mm

Weight: 110g

Voltage: DC 5V 0.5A (USB Type C)

Power: 2.5W

Noise: <25dB

Air flow: 6,5 m³ / hr. - 0.1 m³ / min.

Assembly: Magnet

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Packaging details
Package height mm120
Package width mm110
Package depth mm70
Weight kg0,23
Packing details